How does mongodb design the read content not to be displayed?

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I have a table similar to microblog, whose function is to let users see this microblog and stop displaying it.

weibo: {type:String, default:null}

read: {type:objid,default: null}

Do you want to compare them cyclically? I really can’t think of asking for help.

A is the message table, b is read, and c is the user table.

A table is similar to A._id when querying! = ( = true and C.uid = 1).readid

Topic table

 "_id": ObjectId(12345) ,
 "title": ""

User table

 "_id": ObjectId(112233445),
 "username": ""

Read table

 "user_id": ObjectId(12345),
 "topic_id": ObjectId(67890)
# Read by a user
 has_read ={'user_id':USER_ID},{'topic_id':1})
 has_read = [i.get('topic_id') for i in list(has_reads)]
 # Not read by a user
 topics = db.topics.find({'topic_id':{'$nin':has_read}})
 topics = list(topics)