How does MongoDB Fragmented Cluster authenticate a single node logged under shard?

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After encryption is enabled for the fragmented cluster, login to mongos can be authenticated normally

mongos> use zlfzy
 switched to db zlfzy
 mongos> db.auth("zlfzy","zlfzy@666")
 mongos> show collections

But now I want to enable the system.profile function, which cannot be operated in mongos. to log in to each node under shard, it is impossible to authenticate when logging in to the node now

shard1:PRIMARY> use zlfzy
 switched to db zlfzy
 shard1:PRIMARY> db.auth("zlfzy","zlfzy@666")
 Error: Authentication failed.

How should I operate? Can I log in and authenticate to a single node?

Well, I have found the answer myself. Cluster users cannot be used to authenticate links to a single shard node. Users must be established separately at the shard node.