How to copy dockerFileDir config file to maven dir?

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I need to copy filekafka.client.truststore.jkskafka_client_jaas.conftotarget/docker/fengxin58/demo-fabric8/0.0.1-SNAPSHOT/build/maven, after building the project using the default configuration,but only app.jar is found after building operation under target dir maven

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<!  -- docker plugin -->
 <!  --
 A sanitized version of the artefact id so that
 it can be used as part of an Docker image name.
 I.e. it is converted to all lower case (as required by Docker)
 %a component id
 <!  --<filter>true</filter>-->
 <!  The output directory of the --jar, with the default value of maven-- >
 <!  --<name>maven</name>-->
 <!  --default value is dir-->

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