How to Design mongodb One-to-many Better

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The business structure to be designed is as follows:

var mySchema = new Schema({
 projectname:  String,
 author: String,
 body:   String,
 task: {
 taskname: String,
 user: String,
 picture: {

Describing the business structure in words means that each project contains n tasks and n pictures under each task.
Daily operations are
1. new project = > new task = > upload n maps.
2. update project task, etc.

I would like to ask whether my database design is reasonable. Is there a better way? Express development is used.

Absolutely! Some business scenarios are especially suitable for this nested subset design. To use dataprojectData, need to usetask. This kind of query requires only one table and is very efficient. AndmongoSupport for subsets is also better.