How to learn MongoDB?

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How to Learn MongoDB

  1. introduction
    MongoDB introduced freeMongoDB EducationThis is the best online tutorial I have ever seen, none of which. Now there are several online courses, and the course design is very careful. Take MongoDB for Developers, which uses python to teach outside mongo shell, but does not require python experience. In the 7-week course, starting with installation, I will lead you to write a blog with MongoDB as the database in python. There are small assignments, writing codes and answering questions in the weekly class. In addition to learning in practice, the course also covers all aspects of details that developers need to know and is thorough. In addition, there are interviews with Foursquare and Codecademy to tell us their experience and evolution.
    The inconvenience is that the video is on youtube with only English subtitles. However, as a NB programmer, the skills of climbing over the wall and English are necessary … I hope there are Chinese subtitles on youku. Maybe we can translate them after watching them.

  2. Advanced
    After knowing the basic concepts and usage, just like what was said upstairs, try the project.MongoDB’s documentationIt is definitely the best place. It has sometranslator of chinese. They welcome the community to contribute translators. It is very important to communicate with each other at this time. Come to segmentfault to participate in the discussion. (PS: Do you know other active Chinese MongodDB online communities? (stackoverflow) The official google group is a good way to ask questions. There are some good books on the market, such as MongoDB Authority Guide.

  3. Daniel
    Before reaching this level, I don’t know … Cheng Xianfeng and NoSQLfan’s iammutex are the earlier pioneers in China. What do you recommend Daniel, I’ll follow here and on Weibo …