How to Query json String in Mongodb

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The background of the project is to distribute data with the three-party platform. To ensure the data can be traced back, the message (Json format string) under the three-party platform is stored under the Message.bizData node. The sample is as follows. Now I want to query the data of transOrderCode= 91011081818. How should I write the query statement? I tried find (“”message.bizdata.transordercode “:”91011081818 “}) but it didn’t work. Should i deserialize the message into objecjt before storing it into bizData?

 "_id" : ObjectId("5be28b1167cdcb184310c75e"),
 "name" : "Best_mmg.Controllers.OrderController",
 "type" : "request",
 "datetime" : ISODate("2018-11-07T06:49:53.463Z"),
 "Message" : {
 "sign" : "bb3e894d17e069933f6dad7e19ced77f",
 "partnerID" : "SU_JIA",
 "bizData" : '{
 "partnerCode": "SU_JIA",
 "cpCode": "BESTQJT",
 "transOrderCode": "91011081818",
 "acceptPerson": "Tian Xuan Zheng",
 "acceptPhone": "13560259167",
 "acceptProvince": "Guangdong Province",
 "acceptCity": "Guangzhou City",
 "acceptArea": "Baiyun District",
 "acceptAddress": "Room 307, Building 42, Jinbi New Town",
 "acceptPostCode": null,
 "pickupSiteCode": "5100803",
 "pickupSiteName": "Guangzhou South to Send Decorate",
 "pickupSiteProvince": "Guangdong Province",
 "pickupSiteCity": "Guangzhou City",
 "pickupSiteArea": "Baiyun District",
 "pickupSiteAddress": "Guanghui Rose Gold Factory, Chengye No.6 Road, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province (200 meters ahead) Distribution of Century Express Chencun Hub",
 "pickupSitePerson": "He Jiawei",
 "pickupSitePhone": "13925700028",
 "serviceType": "DISP_INSTALL",
 "packageAmount": "4",
 "packageCubic": "1.65",
 "packageWeight": "330.0",
 "isElevator": "false",
 "floor": "0",
 "salesPlatform": null,
 "salesOrder": null,
 "salesName": null,
 "salesPhone": null,
 "remark": null,
 "itemList": {
 "itemDetailList": [{
 "itemSKU": null,
 "itemCode": "01011010001",
 "itemName": "High-pressure box type solid wood bed",
 "amount": "1",
 "checkerID": null,
 "checkerName": "master meow",
 "checkCode": "246438497499365546",
 "remark": null,
 "imgUrl": null
 "addServiceList": {
 "addServiceDetailList": [

Simply put, there is no way to inquire. Because this is a string.
Deserialization into Object allows you to query, but the query uses a full table scan and the performance is very low. It is very important to establish relevant indexes.