How to set the startup parameters of Mongo better?

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I am doing online game development, because there are few developers, I chose mongo between mysql and mongo, because there is no need to maintain the structure of the table during the development process, thus increasing the workload.
Online games have two kinds of databases, one is the storage of player data and the other is a simple log.
The library for storing player data must first be stable, and then pursue the efficiency of reading, storing and modifying.
Log base, which simply stores logs, only needs to be convenient when querying and counting.

This is my first time to use mongo, so I am not very familiar with the startup parameters. the following three are the startup parameters I use besides specifying the data address.

I hope you can give me some optimization plans on startup parameters, thank you very much.

It should not only be a question of parameter optimization. It is better to set up a cluster for operation data. When I used it before, the single machine crashed and the data recovery was more troublesome. Now I don’t know what happened.
Later, after the establishment of the 3 backup clusters, they were stable and basically did not have the problem of collapse. Of course, my situation was relatively simple.