How to solve the problem that the docker service starts unresponsive and the input Docker command is unresponsive under Centos?

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The docker cannot be started. After executing the command to start the docker, it will be stuck and unresponsive. It can only execute crtl+c exit. After that, it will not respond to any docker-related command.


Continuing to execute the command to stop the docker service has a response, and executing the command related to the docker will prompt that the docker has not been started.

Docker’s log is as follows:
The log will repeatedly output these two messages:

Mar 16 14:39:13 blacklighting dockerd: time=”2017-03-16T14:39:13.722215716+08:00″ level=info msg=”libcontainerd: new containerd process, pid: 24267″
Mar 16 14:39:13 blacklighting dockerd: time=”2017-03-16T14:39:13.742204676+08:00″ level=warning msg=”containerd: 093a74c483cea07e87b4bb91d8794374246f29 9d8ec85e032327b8248704d370:init shim died, killing associated process”


At present, I have reloaded the docker many times, tried different versions of the docker, and deleted the /var/lib/docker folder every time, but it has always been the output of the above information. How should this problem be solved?

What are the system version and kernel version