How to use client tools to manage the mongodb database built on the Tengxun cloud host, the ports are blocked, what should I do?

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It is very expensive to buy their mongo database separately. I just installed one on the cloud host and cannot access it outside.

Open the corresponding ports in the security policies of iptables and cloud hosts

By the way, the ip of mongodb binding is set to

Pay attention to be sure to set the password, many people do not set the password or set a weak password, there are great security risks. Hackers will scan the ports of mogodb all over the network. many people have been recruited because of this. it is reported in the news.

Therefore, it is best not to open the database external network access. If distributed, it is best to only open the cloud host internal network access rights.

Your application should access the database by the server-side program, provide the service api to the outside, and do not directly access the remote database from the client side.