[Initiative] Proposal on Problem Description

  mongodb, question

In order to facilitate communication and improve efficiency, it is suggested that the problem description can include the following contents:

1. Background description of the problem

1) What is mongodb doing: Self-study/Trial/Project Description

2)mongodb version information, whether to configure replicate set, whether to configure sharding, and what operating system to run on

2. Problem Description

1) What are the specific requirements? What is the application scenario and what do you want to implement with mongodb

2) For fault diagnosis, please provide relevant error logs/screenshots

3) For performance optimization, please provide relevant performance logs/indicators

4) The degree of urgency of the problem, waiting for/naked in the snow/can wait for a while.

3, confirm the problem solving

1) If the problem is solved, please confirm that the problem is solved in time.

2) It is better to supplement the solution to the problem at the back of the problem for later reference.

For reference. Please correct the incompleteness.

Love MongoDB! Have Fun!

In addition, I encountered some grammatical problems with mongodb, and suggested that the questioner could provide the insert statement of relevant document. Don’t query and map in the shell. Post some insert statements directly. Respondents directly copy and execute, which can find out the problem and solve the problem faster.