Is mongodb findOneAndUpdate thread safe?

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Similar to a message queue, multiple users simultaneously retrieve data from a table for processing, in order to ensure that each user obtains a different number and adds user_id immediately after the number is completed{"user_id":{$exists:false}, {$set:{user_id:"123456"}},{sort:{_id:1}}})

Official documentsIt is not stated in whether the commandThread safetyIf you have the following records


Is it possible that all 5 users come to request at the same time_idA record of 1?

Using Python to develop a script to verify what seems to be thread safe but is not sure whether the application code is explicitly locked for safety reasons. Python code is as follows:

def query_and_set_user_id(user_id):
 result = db.test.find_one_and_update({"user_id":{"$exists":False}},{'$set': {'user_id': user_id}}, sort=[("id", 1)])
 print(threading.current_thread(), result)
 return result
 max_workers = 5
 pool = ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers)
 futures = []
 for i in range(max_workers):
 f = pool.submit(query_and_set_user_id, "user_{}".format(i+1))

It is thread safe.
In factfindAndModifyThe behavior of the withupdateIt is the same, the two functions will not be interrupted between query and update. the difference isfindAndModifyYou can also return documents before or after the update after the operation. More differences can be seen in the documentation:Comparisons with the update Method