Is MongoDB suitable for VPS with small memory?

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A small station written by an individual, using MongoDB as a database, is ready to go online recently.

Just as VPS is about to expire, I’m going to change to Linode 512MB. I heard MongoDB consumes a lot of memory. I don’t know if it will be stuck when running and how much memory it will take up. Do you want to do any optimization?
If not, at least how much memory is needed to run MongoDB?

Mongodb is unable to specify the size of his memory, how much memory he has, so some people say that he will occupy more memory, but if there is not enough memory, he will not seize it. Of course, at this time, the disk is exchanged, and the performance will deteriorate, depending on your hot data. My suggestion is just your own small station, that is, the mule is pulled out to walk, and the horizontal extension of mognodb is very convenient, so there is no need to worry about future expansion.