Is the setting of Mongodb full-text index reasonable?

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Millions of data, not too big, have a field, the length of the value > 100, is very long, including Chinese, English, almost all the characters exist. Full-text indexing is used, but not ideal:

1. Search is extremely slow, even if the index is used.


2. When the search exists”, it will be converted to’ \’, but there is no response, as if it is not running at all. Repeatedly quit, then open (referring to the customer’s mongo), then query. It will fill up the memory (12G, except that the system can use 11G) and jam it directly. Hard restart.

Db.tests.find ({'$ text' {'$ search':' test \ 1.06'}}) # what you want.
 But entering through the web becomes

Don’t you know this kind of requirement is suitable for indexing?
Thank you

At present, full-text indexing is recommended to be done by a special search engine. MongoDB supports full-text indexing, but its functions are not very rich and its usage scenarios are limited. In many cases, there are still problems, so it is not recommended.