Is there any good docker warehouse platform in China? Docker’s official speed is too slow to say anything. …

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The official mirror library is too slow

It turns out that although I remember it was slow, I was able to pull it … now it is timeout directly.

With VPN, it is usually slower when there are more people, but it is okay when there are fewer people.

Other docker warehouse platforms in China have also been used.

  1. DaoCloudThe acceleration is still as slow as before … it wasn’t caused by my misconfiguration.

  2. Ali,NeteaseSuch as cloud platform, basically coupled with the service, can run directly, but does not host the mirror.

Do you have any recommendations?

Build your own Docker warehouse?

In fact, one of my thoughts is to build one by myself.Docker warehouseBut what one uses is really a bit extravagant. I think if we use it together, we can save costs and communicate with each other.

Looking at the price of Ali ECS server, if the bandwidth is 20M, it is about 1000/ month. if it is 10/ month, about 100 paying users can keep the cost, while 10 users can use 300-400k/s at the same time, if there are few people, it can be directly to 1m/s. If the number of users is large, I will add bandwidth & clustering.

The charging method is expected to be the same as github

  1. Free users: can upload and pull public images.

  2. Paid users: can have their own mirror warehouse.

But the problem is

  1. Can’t synchronize the official mirror image (after all, the official library has a little more resources), but to be honest I usually use it to pull oneubuntu, and then change yourself,buildMirror images are used directly.

  2. I don’t know whether docker will deploy servers in China in the future.

I don’t know what you think, can you do it? I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

I have an idle ECS in a cloud. Does the subject intend to cooperate to build a docker mirror station?