Is this a bug for $mod query? Cannot use divisor exceeding 11 bits?

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I collected data from an administrative division and used the following command to query provincial data
db.collection.find({'_id':{$mod: [10000000000,0]}})
No return data
It is normal to return the following data

 "_id" : NumberLong("110000000000"),
 "name": "Beijing"
 /* 2 */
 "_id" : NumberLong("120000000000"),
 "name": "Tianjin City"
 /* 3 */
 "_id" : NumberLong("130000000000"),
 "name": "Hebei Province"

I can use a 10-bit divisor to return data after removing a 0, but this is not my requirement.
Is this a bug for $mod?
There are no relevant instructions in the official documents.
Seek solutions

I have tried it out, and now it is:

1, mongo shell, the same situation as you described;

2. Under mongodb driver 2.2.24, the situation described by you is the same.

error: null
 result: undefined

3、mongoose driver 4.7.9,

error : Can't use $mod with ObjectId.

Suggested visit: …; And submit an issue to follow up.

For reference.

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