Kubernets and Docker Swarm, who is the king of container layout?

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Docker, as the hottest container technology at present, has attracted much attention.
Many domestic enterprises have access to Docker to put their own business into containers to achieve better service.

As the core of container technology, cluster arrangement is naturally the focus of each family.
At present, container layout technology is mainly divided into two camps: Kubernets and Docker Swarm.
Kubernets, a Google-based container management tool Brog, cannot ignore the strength of the top big factories.
Docker Swarm is developed by the official team of Docker and is more closely linked to the core of Docker.
So as an architect, how do you choose Docker’s clustering tool?
Let’s share your choices and explain your reasons.

such as

I chose Kubernetes because Kubernetes can give me more possibilities, and I can realize more capabilities according to Kubernetes API, while DockerSwarm is not mature yet because it is officially launched by Dockers. In contrast, I believe more in Google’s accumulation over the years, and Kubunetes’ community is very active and has many useful features.

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