Link MongoDB Error: How to Resolve MongoDB Network Is Unreachable?

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Yesterday the link was still good.
Today, the link was reported wrong. It is not good to try various methods for Baidu problem. MongoDB service did not try to restart because of the service that has been in use.
Please ask the great god to help solve the problem, or give some ideas, thank you.

MongoDB is IP-limited, so there is no AUTH.图片描述

First, to be on the safe side, whether IP is restricted or not, it is recommended to turn on auth, and it is recommended to turn on auth when appropriate.
“Yesterday was good” and “Today’s link is wrong” are not necessarily linked, right? Even if yesterday was good, it does not prove that there will be no problems today or in the future. Therefore, it is good to pay attention to the current problems. I’m sorry to be a bit wordy, but I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive about logical rigor:)
First check whether the process exists and whether monitoring is normal:

ps aux | grep mongod
 netstat -pln | grep mongod

The usual situation should be that mongod has been finished, and the specific reason is to look at your log. By default, is located at:


If there are any changes, please find them yourself. It is suggested to check the final status of the log, you should seedbexitLet’s take a look at the last 50 lines and continue our analysis.