Mongodb community 3.4.x SSL Prompts for Unknown Configuration Options?

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# ./mongo --version
 MongoDB shell version v3.4.13
 git version: fbdef2ccc53e0fcc9afb570063633d992b2aae42
 allocator: tcmalloc
 modules: none
 build environment:
 distarch: x86_64
 target_arch: x86_64

Configure ssl in conf

 Port: 27017 # listening port, default 27017
 #bindIp: # The default configuration file (/etc/mongod.conf) in the deb and rpm packets is If ip is not restricted, ensure authentication security. Multiple IP's are separated by commas
 MaxIncomingConnections: 65536 # Maximum Connections. Acceptable connections are also limited by the maximum connections configured by the operating system
 WireObjectCheck: true # verifies the client's request to prevent erroneous or invalid BSON insertion. Objects nested in multiple documents will have slight performance impact. Default is true
 Ipv6: false # Whether IPv6 is enabled, versions above 3.0 are always on
 UnixDomainSocket: #unix socket Monitor, Only for unix-Based Systems
 Enabled: false # defaults to true
 PathPrefix: /tmp # pathprefix, default /temp
 FilePermissions: 0700 # File Permissions Default 0700
 mode: requireSSL
 PEMKeyFile: /opt/webplatform/server/mongossl/mongodb.pem
 CAFile: /opt/webplatform/server/mongossl/client.pem

Run mongod and prompt:

# ./mongod -f /data/mongodb34/mg.conf
 Unrecognized option: net.ssl.mode
 try './mongod --help' for more information

Db.serverBuildInfo ()

 "version" : "3.4.13",
 "gitVersion" : "fbdef2ccc53e0fcc9afb570063633d992b2aae42",
 "modules" : [ ],
 "allocator" : "tcmalloc",
 "javascriptEngine" : "mozjs",
 "sysInfo" : "deprecated",
 "versionArray" : [
 "openssl" : {
 "running" : "disabled",
 "compiled" : "disabled"

You are looking at the version of the shell, which is supported by the server and has no direct connection with shell version. Look at the server version: