Mongodb external network IP startup failed.

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Centos deploys mongodb server. Start command

/usr/local/mongodb/bin/mongod-bind _ ip intranet ip or =/usr/local/mongodb/db-logpath =/usr/local/mongodb/log/mongo.log-logappend &
; ;

Can start successfully.

/usr/local/mongodb/bin/mongod-bind _ ip extranet ip-port27017-maxconns2000-dbpath =/usr/local/mongodb/db-logpath =/usr/local/mongodb/log/mongo.log-logappend &
; ;

Startup failed
[Firewall Closed, Port 27017 Open]
Error log:
[initandlist] listen (): bind () failederrno: 99cannotassign requested addressfor socket: extranet ip:27017
[initandlisten] journal dir=/usr/local/mongodb/db/journal
Durability thread stopped

–bind_ip # Binds service IP. If is bound, it can only be accessed locally without specifying that all IP can be accessed by default. If you want to make your database accessible to the external network, just do not specify this parameter!