MongoDB fuzzy query efficiency is too poor, how to speed up?

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In 70W data, execute'name': /Mamacitas /It takes 17.358767 seconds to complete
Examples of data content:

 "Attitude_low": NumberInt(0),
 "Comments": "i",
 "file": [
 "Announce":  "" ,
 "View": NumberInt(0),
 "Hash": "9E3842903C56E8BBC0C7AF7A0A8636590491923C",
 "name": "Mamacitas 7[SILVERDUST]",
 "Encoding": "!"  ,
 "EntryTime": 1403169286.9712,
 "Attitude_top": NumberInt(0),
 "CreatedBy": "ruTorrent (PHP Class - Adrien Gibrat)",
 "CreationDate": NumberInt(1365851919)

Regarding the index section:

How can I improve the matching speed?

Hash-type indexes are not used when fuzzy queries are used, and it is really necessary to rely on things like search engines to build indexes after word segmentation.

One is that you can use something like elastic search to build a special one.

You can also consider using a word segmentation library to divide your fields into good words, and then use mongodb’s special word segmentation collection. You can use mongodb’s default indexing mechanism.