Mongodb In the same data structure, does the collection need to be split horizontally (i.e. horizontally)?

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In relational databases, we often divide the tables into multiple ones with the same structure and few cross-table queries between tables. Doing so can greatly improve performance.

However, I would like to ask if it is necessary to split the collection into multiple units in mongo.
For example, I have 10,000 users, and each user has his own product. Products between users are independent of each other, and cross-table queries are not required.
Then, in the relational database, I split every 1000 user number segments into a table, for example

It is such a simple design.
But I want to ask, does mongo need it? ?

There is no need, Mongodb has a better solution, which can divide the data into different machines to meet such needs. Can viewMongodb Sharding