MongoDB is a comment system. How should the data table structure be designed?

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The general comment system is as follows:

Articles-> comments of articles-> comments of comments, mysql is used as two tables, articles and comments tables, and “comments of articles” and “comments of comments” are stored in one table comments.

So, how to design the data table structure when mongodb is used to do the same thing?

Mongo is very suitable for doing such a thing. The following article sets out a comment structure.

General structure:

 title: String,
 content: String,
 createTime: DateTime,
 comments: [
 userName: String,
 //Consider that only the first level of nesting is stored here.  Comments in the nest exist as JSON strings (assuming more reads than writes, this is efficient for queries).  )
 content: String

However, it still depends on the demand.

  1. Whether the comment appears as a separate concept. For example, some statistics for comments.
  2. Whether comments are nested infinitely.
  3. Whether the comments need to be revised frequently, such as praising.