MongoDB outputs MongoConnectionException at the console every ten seconds or so

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Problem description: use MongoDB Driver for .net to develop MongoDB application, the development tool is vs. There is a problem that the console prints out MongoConnectionException every ten seconds (currently observed is 15s).


The time interval for each output of these abnormal information is fixed. Moreover, at present, this anomaly has not affected the writing, query and statistics of the program. These abnormal information were not captured and output by me in the program. The source is unknown.

The connection parameter information configured in the client code is as follows. It should not be the problem that the timeout time is too short:

mcs.WaitQueueSize = 50;
 mcs.MinConnectionPoolSize = 5;
 mcs.MaxConnectionPoolSize = 20;
 mcs.WriteConcern = WriteConcern.Acknowledged;
 mcs.SocketTimeout = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(5);
 mcs.ConnectTimeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(60);
 mcs.WaitQueueTimeout = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(5);
 mcs.MaxConnectionIdleTime = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(10);
 mcs.MaxConnectionLifeTime = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(60);

I would like to ask the great gods whether they have encountered similar problems and whether they have any solutions. Or where should this problem be analyzed?

I have no idea, if I encounter this kind of situation, I should be Baidu, bingSearch for error informationIf you can’t find it, go to mongoDB github to see if there is one.Related iisueMention this issue.