Mongodb sharding cluster Uses shell Connections

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The mongodb database is connected through a shell, and clusters deployed by replication can be connected as follows:

mongos mongodb://ctl1m:27017,ctl2m:27017,ctl3m:27017/?  replicaSet=rs0

So, how should I connect if it is a sharding cluster deployment?
I have tried the following, but I will report an error:

[root@ctl1m ~]# mongos mongodb://ctl1m:30000,ctl2m:30000,ctl3m:30000/
 Error parsing command line: too many positional options have been specified on the command line
 try 'mongos --help' for more information

Can you tell me how to write the command to connect correctly? Thank you!

The understanding is not quite correct. For sharded cluster, mongos is used for routing in front of mongos. shell or Mongos is a program that can connect Mongos as well as Mongos.

mongo --host "mongodb://mongos1,mongos2,mongos3.../db"