Mongodb $text full-text search how to implement OR?

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“\”ssl certificate\” authority key”

The $text operator searches for the phrase “ssl certificate” and (“authority” or “key” or “ssl” or “certificate” ).

This isAn example from the document, use\"The enclosed words are called Phrases, for which mongodb performs and operations, and other words perform or operations with spaces.

{“$ text”: {“$ search”: “\” ssl certificate “authoritykey”}} search results must contain “sslcertificate”.
Is there any way to implement or full-text search for’ sslcertificate’,’ authority’,’ key’?

In your requirements, the current approach is to divide the query into 2 statements.

1. Query Phrase: “”SSL Certificate “”

2. Query the individual word “authority key”

Then merge the results of the two statements into one place in the program.

For reference.

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