Mongodb with Remote Links on Linux shell

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In order to link remote mongodb on Linux shell, I had to download more than 100 m mongodb from yum again on my development machine. This side actually contains mongodb’s server side, which feels redundant.
Have you downloaded and installed only one client to link mongodb on the remote machine on the shell?

First of all, it’s not that big. I just installed the latest version 3.2.6 on the server today, and the download is only over 50 m, the biggest one ismongodb-org-tools-3.2.6.

After configuring the yum source.

 name=MongoDB Repository

It should not be installedserverTo install only the components you need.

sudo yum install -y mongodb-org-3.2.6 mongodb-org-shell-3.2.6 mongodb-org-mongos-3.2.6 mongodb-org-tools-3.2.6