Mongodump cannot export data

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Use mongodump to export the data located on the server, and then use mongorestore to debug locally. However, you cannot export the data with mongodump. The command is as follows: Mongo dump-HLocalhost: 27017-dXXX-cxx. After running the command, you can see that a dump folder is generated under the current path. There is a xxx folder inside, but there is no xx collections I want to export in xxx folder. The port is correct, and the problem cannot be found.

It can only be said that there are no mistakes in grammar. If not, it can only be the database name or the collection is wrong.
Because of mongodb’s particularity, it will not report to you that such-and-such set does not have such errors, but will only export empty sets.
To confirm whether the name of the collection or database is wrong, please connect to the shell first.

show dbs
 show collections