Mongoose Fuzzy Query Based on Chinese Characters

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First of all, I have a club list (set);
Then, I want to find the association with the name of the Chinese character according to the fuzzy search of the input Chinese character. For example, the associations include: “Run fast everyday” and “Voice of Heaven”; I searched for “Tian” and found two clubs. I searched for “Run” or “Tian Kuai” and “Run Every Day”. I searched for “Tian Yue” or “Tian Yue Voice” and found the “Tian Yue Voice” club.
Finally, I’d like to ask you how to write this in mongoose. All I know is:

 clubName: clubName
 }, null, function (clubErr, clubDoc) {

I don’t know how to write it if I can match it completely, but I don’t know how to write it if I look at the English official website. I hope the partners who wrote it can write down how they write it. I really can’t find any simple and easy-to-understand information, so I dare to ask everyone! Thank you

Use regular expressions to match:Query.prototype.regex()This is a document