Mongostat’s insertquery update delete getmorecommand field value display problem

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1: When testing the interface performance, mongostats was used to check the performance of the lower mongo. Different document of the same database were used, but the field value display did not meet the expectation.
The first interface is find_one, the document assumes d1, you can see that query has a value, and command displays normally (if insert_one, the value of insert also displays normally)


The second interface is find_one_and_update, and upsert = true. document assumes d2. if it does not exist, insert it. the display here is rather strange. query is 0 and insert is 0, but command value is very large. d2 does have data increase and update

After reading the official documents, I did not find the answer. Has anyone studied it?

In essence, all operations are Command. However, in order to be more meaningful, the separate insert/find/update/remove is changed into insert/query/update/delete display. And getmore is the command to fetch data in batches when there is too much data in find. All operations except these can be considered command.
Can you take a lookfindAndModifyWhat is the specific action:

rs0:PRIMARY> db.test.findAndModify
 function (args) {
 var cmd = {findandmodify: this.getName()};

Visible corresponding Command isfindandmodify, is not among CRUD, so it is unified as command.