Mongovue Add collection error

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Add collection error

Error in creating new Collection
 The object reference is not set to an instance of the object.
 Type: System.NullReferenceException
 Stack: at mangoui.comnavtree.x7vulvsz8pv8voeq5ve (object)
 At mangoui.comnavtree.dbaddcollection _ click (objectsender, eventargse)

Looking for half a day always finds the answer:


MongoDBThere used to be only one storage engine calledMMAPv1,MongoDB3.0The introduction of makesmongodbThere are two engines:MMAPv1AndWiredTiger.

  • MMAPv1: applicable to allMongoDBVersion,MongoDB3.0The default engine for

  • WiredTiger: only supported64positionMongoDB


MongoDBIn3.2After the default iswiredTigerThe engine, andThe management software matches the previous engine, so it cannot be used and the memory engine must be reset.


  • Switching storage engines

MongoDB can switch between the two engines. We can specify the engine type when creating the service.

mongod –storageEngine mmapv1 –dbpath D:\mongo\data