MongoVUE connection MongoDB3.2.0 available? ? ? ? ?

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MongoVUE connection MongoDB3.2.0 available? ? ? ? ?

I am now using mongoVUE to connect MongoDB3.0 version 3.0,,,


Test can connect successfully, but not, as shown in the figure:


I don’t show anything, please tell me what’s going on. I can’t build a new one. I also saw users built with shell, please tell me. .

Remarks: system windows 64-bit

You can try MongoBooster-supports mongodb 2.2-3.2. Shell center, embedded V8 engine, ES6 syntax support, integration of lodash and momentjs, local update, error prompt, field name completion, bracket completion, intelligence awareness, Win+Mac+Linux. . .

  • Intelligent perception


  • Update in place


Btw: mongoVue’s website is no longer accessible. It seems to be dead.