Net start MongoDB, there is always a service without response control function, how to solve?

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I watched the installation and configuration tutorial on the internet for an afternoon, and tried almost every method, but it was not good.
Later, I opened the task manager and found MongoDB in the service. When the right button is opened, it always appears


Big brothers, please help.

I don’t know what tutorial you are looking for and what actions you have taken, so I don’t know which step has gone wrong. At least we should write down the steps of how the service is added to the Windows service so that we can judge.
The general MongoDB service adding method is very easy. Configure a mongod.conf file and place it wherever you think it is appropriate. Use the command line to check whether it can start successfully:

"c:/path-to-monogd/mongod.exe" --config "c:/path-to-conf/mongod.conf"

Note that absolute path is used above, although it is not necessary, but if you are not familiar with it, you can avoid many problems. If this step is successful, proceed to the following steps:

"c:/path-to-monogd/mongod.exe" --config "c:/path-to-conf/mongod.conf" --install

After completion, you will see the established Windows service in the “service” and there should be no problem.
Official documents have very detailed descriptions of the detailed steps for reference:Install MongoDB Community Edition on Windows