Nginx configuration built by ariyun CES MongoDB cannot access the database.

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New Aliyun CES Servercentos7.3;
Install package through LINUX one-click web environmentsh1.5.5Nginx server set up;
MongoDBlinux-x86_64-rhel70-3.4.9(Because there is no mongodb installation package for centos), only one has been inserted into my database.db.goods.insert({id:1000,'name':'test'})Data.
After successful configurationmongod -f /mongodb/etc/mongo.confYou can successfully start the database and create a second shell window.mongoYou can successfully connect to the database, and you can perform mongodb operations (such as show dbs, etc.) and create a new third shell window for execution.node bin/wwwIt will showMongoDB connected success, feel everything is no problem.
However, when entering in the browserip:3000Or ..ip:27017It shows that you cannot access this website and MongoHub cannot connect to the database.
I’ve been working on it for a long time, but I haven’t solved the problem. The great gods help me analyze it. What problems will lead to this kind of problem? Thank you!

Aliyun’s security team blocked some ports by default. Try opening them