Please help consolidate a continuous development test, GitLab, Jenkins, Docker deployment process.

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Everyone is completely blind to the company’s continuous deployment.

The current progress is that everyone submits the code to GitLab and the rest is all automated.
Ready servers:GitLab,Jenkins

The development is php or js or similar compilation-free, so no compilation environment is required.

At present, I have roughly made it clear that:
→ GitLab code submission
(webhook to trigger Jenkins)
→ Jenkins automatic clone, copy
-> (The code is packaged with nginx, php-fpm, etc. If there is anything to compile, compile it. Finally generated docker images)
-> … (I don’t know what to do after this)

Even after generating docker image, I am not sure what to do next. I think there is information on the Internet. Do you need to prepare another Docker registry? Then manually fetch the image deployment.

Or should image be deployed directly to the testing server?

Or do you want to have both a docker registry and an automated deployment of newly generated Dockers?

All the difficulties have been solved, and the only problem is the presentation of results. I don’t know your docker. Tell me about our java Web, android App, h5, ETL, etc. We are the 2 mainlines in the Web backend. the dev branch push compiles and deploys the Web container for master to confirm that the interface meets the requirements. Similarly, the master branch merge compilation is deployed to h5 app, while the Web publishing package is put on the file server for the implementer. Other projects are compiled and packaged to provide download addresses.