Port Problems of SpringCloud and docker

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I now have a cloud disk service code with port 8089. Now I want to instantiate two containers on a server and map the container 8089 port to the host 8080, 8081, but the cloud disk service in both containers is 8089 port and the port registered to eureka is 8089 port. Unable to access port 8080, 8081 of the host. I would like to visit the cloud tray service of these two containers now. What should I do?
One idea is that two containers correspond to different ports, such as:
* Container 1 Port 8089 Map Host 8089
Container 2 Port 8090 Maps Host 8090*
However, if I want to add 3 containers dynamically, I have to modify the port of application.yml and repackage it every time. I would like to ask if there is a better plan for rapid deployment.

The mapping port can publish the container port to the host through -p 8080:8089, and the internal access is still through 8089, so there is no conflict.