Problems encountered by docker run hello-world

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After installing the Docker Toolbox and running Docker Quickstart Terminal, the hello world test was conducted. This is what happened. Dear Gods, what does this mean to refuse connection and what should I do?


Come on, let’s go back to the basics. Hint is to express the meaning of:

1.tls is on, is it because your daemon is not on?

2. Is your daemon dead, brother?


1. Use Docker-Machinals to check whether the linux virtual host is on.

2. Usedocker-machine ssh defaultEnter the host computer and usedocker psCheck it out.


If all the docker ps are dead, then your docker daemon is dead. Use Docker to start the daemon

Finally, it summarizes the reason why dockerd in the host computer hangs up in windows mode.

1. There should be no daemon.json configuration

2. Certificate Configuration

3. Hang up can enter the virtual hostdockerdRestart, this time will generally report an error, according to the error information to complete the repair.

What if none of the above methods work?

So the last straw

$docker-machine create --driver ....  new

Create a new host computer

$eval "$(docker-machine env new)"
 You can start using it.