Questions about docker Data Volume Backup and Recovery

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I am a beginner and have some questions about docker’s data volume backup.

This is what I think, through the local directory-vOptions are mapped to the data volume container. When files need to be backed up, they can be backed up directly from this directory.
Why did you read some tutorials, basically restart a container and pass--volumes-fromMount the data volume before backing it up locally?

When restoring data, the local data is decompressed directly, and when starting a new data volume container, the backup directory is directly passed through-vMount;
In most of the tutorials, the empty data volume container is first established, and a temporary container is used to mount the empty data volume container and the local backup data for decompression and recovery?

The tutorial here is《docker_practice》

Because volumes itself does not support import/export, it is usually packaged in a container and then transferred to the backup place. It is only necessary to mount it directly when using it.