Ros installed in doc?

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Ros was used in ubuntu16 before. There are a little more than ros to be configured, and it may increase in the future. Recently, I saw docker and wanted to use docker to configure the environment. After reading docker’s tutorial, I am still a little confused about how to do it.
Now think of two schemes:
1.ros has a docker mirror image, which can be directly pull down for use. Can the previous configuration on ubuntu be directly moved over?
2.pull a mirror image of ubuntu16, then configure the environment inside and install ros.
Personally, I feel that the second one is more stable and curious about the first one. There is no experiment yet. Is there any problem?

I don’t know how many things you want to configure in your second plan. I said I can see it.
Fromdocker-rosSee, ros-core’sDockerfileIt is based on the image of ubuntu:trusty, and there are many things to be configured, and several other related ros-base, robot, perception, etc. are also based on the image of ros-core.

After all, it is based on Ubuntu image. You can get the relevant configuration in your Dockerfile on ros image.