Some Doubts about docker Mirror Image Understanding

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The younger one is just learning docker, and now there is a puzzle asking for advice.

My understanding of docker is: for example, I built a website (tomcat service), put the website (possibly design database) into a mirror image, do a good job of the mirror image, and put it on the server, if one day my server (Aliyun) expires. If I’m looking for another server, am I playing this image directly to the new server, to put it bluntly, I’m not configuring any environment variables anymore?

Docker, container, contains your entire development and operation environment, which can be analogized to the system image. Once the system is installed, office, browser, etc. are available, you can take out the docker image and put it on other servers, even your own machine. The development environment is still there, and you don’t need to build your own environment. When a new colleague comes to the company, he will directly give him the docker image of your company. He will not have to set up his own environment. The same docker image used online and among colleagues will have the same development environment, and there will be no problems with different environments.