The Benefits of docker Packaging?

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My friend can support horizontal expansion. Is there more than one in a mirror image?

It is said that the backend is expanded horizontally, and the lnmp result of your php expansion is all expanded.

How do you understand the expansion here?

The use of docker has the following benefits:

1. In the past, in order to ensure the consistency of the local development environment and testing environment, it was very difficult to build a virtual machine locally to simulate the online environment (because the local is developed by window). It is necessary to know that the virtual machine is very heavy and bulky, while docker is much faster and has better consistency. After local development, the mirror image can be migrated or updated online, and the principle of expansion is similar.

2. Continuous deployment and testing. Eliminate environmental differences between online and offline, ensuring environmental consistency standardization of application life cycle. Developers use mirrors to build a standard development environment. After development is completed, developers migrate through mirrors that encapsulate the complete environment and applications. As a result, testing and operation personnel can directly deploy software mirrors for testing and publishing, greatly simplifying the process of continuous integration, testing and publishing.