The hosts entry in the JSON configuration file of docker for mac cannot take effect after modification

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 //Omit other configurations
 "hosts": ["tcp://","unix:///var/run/docker.sock"]

After adding the above configuration, docker for mac cannot restart. The following passage was found in the document:

The options set in the configuration file must not conflict with options set via flags. The docker daemon fails to start if an option is duplicated bet ween the file and the flags, regardless their value. We do this to avoid silently ignore changes introduced in configuration reloads. For example, the daemon fails to start if you set daemon labels in the configuration file and also set daemon labels via the –label flag. Options that are not p re sent in the file are ignored when the daemon starts.

This passage may explain why it cannot be restarted, but it does not answer my question. Please comment!

Do you want to open port 2375 to access docker remote management interface?
I didn’t find a way to open 2375 to manage docker with docker’s own function, but found other methods recommended to you.
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Use this command to remotely access docker after scoat is installed
socat -d TCP-LISTEN:2375,reuseaddr,fork UNIX:/var/run/docker.sock
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