The Problem of Failed Recovery of tokumx Database

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Sorry, although I know that this is mongodb’s section and I use tokumx myself, I found that the tokumx is actually the same as mongodb, so I can only ask questions here.

I have a website program of station group. I use tokumx database, which has about 6 million data. Recently, I want to move the database because the server is unstable. I used the backup command of dump. When I used mongorestore to restore, I always encountered errors and failed to restore successfully. The problems encountered are as follows:

Each time you restore to a certain program, the following error message will appear:

INVALID OBJECT – going try and pring out
size: 3077
name : _id 18
_id: 1495819
name : body 2
body: “
<h1>Fix ajscaxs2m75.js
Description :
is a process from unknown product, unknown co…”
name : cahegoryidA 18
cahegoryidA: 7138414316591513600
Mon Oct 10 13:03:34.102 Assertion: 10320:BSONElement: bad type 111
0xe86096 0xad16bd 0xacd88c 0x6ceba7 0x719983 0x6d6ec0 0x6d6d6b 0x6d6d6b 0x6d8b03 0x71a09e 0x6af30d 0x6aeb2d 0x7fda07542b45 0x6c8b32
mongorestore(_ZN5mongo15printStackTraceERSo+0x26) [0xe86096]
mongorestore(_ZN5mongo10logContextEPKc+0xfd) [0xad16bd]
mongorestore(_ZN5mongo11msgassertedEiPKc+0x9c) [0xacd88c]
mongorestore(_ZNK5mongo11BSONElement4sizeEv+0x197) [0x6ceba7]
mongorestore(_ZN5mongo8BSONTool11processFileERKN5boost10filesystem4pathE+0x5c3) [0x719983]
mongorestore(_ZN7Restore9drillDownEN5boost10filesystem4pathEbbb+0x1170) [0x6d6ec0]
mongorestore(_ZN7Restore9drillDownEN5boost10filesystem4pathEbbb+0x101b) [0x6d6d6b]
mongorestore(_ZN7Restore9drillDownEN5boost10filesystem4pathEbbb+0x101b) [0x6d6d6b]
mongorestore(_ZN7Restore5doRunEv+0x613) [0x6d8b03]
mongorestore(_ZN5mongo8BSONTool3runEv+0x18e) [0x71a09e]
mongorestore(_ZN5mongo4Tool4mainEiPPc+0x6cd) [0x6af30d]
mongorestore(main+0x2d) [0x6aeb2d]
/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7fda07542b45]
mongorestore() [0x6c8b32]
assertion: 10320 BSONElement: bad type 111

After replacing 3 servers, the same error occurred under the same debian 64-bit system. I began to suspect that there was something wrong with the original database. I wanted to try to use the robomongo tool to connect the database to delete it. but the problem now is that the database can be connected and the websites are open normally. however, using the robomongo connection to search or delete the code, I want to delete the article ajscaxs2m75.js It is found that the returned information is the same error code Assertion: 10320BSOneElement: BadType 111. How can this situation be solved?

It is impossible to solve the problems you encounter, but I think it is necessary to explain some problems.
First of all, MongoDB and TokuMX are two companies. The latter is independently maintained and operated by MongoDB 2.4′ s community version fork, which has no direct connection with MongoDB. Although most of the commands are still the same, the internal mechanism is very different. Therefore, if you ask tokumx in mongodb, you probably won’t get any answers.
Furthermore, there are not many users using TokuMX. Now the company has been acquired by Percona due to operational problems. If you want professional help, you can ask Percona for help.