The problem of insert_many in Mongodb

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The parameter of insert_many mentioned in the document does not have the parameter of check_keys like insert. Although insert_many is controlled by the ordered parameter during insertion, it will not throw an exception to exit and affect the rest of the insertion due to errors, but this problematic data is still not inserted.
How can insert_many also support not checking? The meaning of the parameter bypass_document_validation is not very clear. If this parameter can be controlled, then the default value is False and it should not be checked.
If insert_many cannot ignore the check, how can insert implement the ordered parameter? Thank you

The bypass_document_validation parameter ignores the validator; in the new feature in MongoDB 3.2; In your operation, if the collection has a validator set, this parameter allows you to ignore the validator and insert it.

Validator You can understand it as a verification of field, similar to the function of constraint.

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The ordered parameter is inserted in the order of the documents in the provided array after grouping. If it is set to true, if the preceding document fails to be inserted, the insertion is stopped.

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