The problem of installing pyspider with docker under centos

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This is the command line under Running pyspider with Docker.

Run to


docker run –name webui -m 256m -d -p 5000:5000 –link mysql:mysql –link rabbitmq:rabbitmq –link scheduler:scheduler –link …
When reporting an error, say cannotlink to a non-running container/schedule.

I looked at it, and sure enough, scheduler, processer and result_worker are not started. The container has. After restarting with docker start command, it quits.

Look again at docker ps all. webui container has also been created. But webui cannot be started.

The operating system is centos6.9.

In addition, how does pyspider start when docker is installed? I tried pyspider all and said there was no pyspider command.

Thank you!

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