There was a problem using mongodb.

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I just bought a server in ariyun these two days, and then installed the nodejs environment and mongodb myself, but encountered several problems when using mongodb.
1. The local terminal failed to connect mongodb remotely.
2. mongodb has started user authentication, but cannot access the library without adding users?
3. What is the use of the userAdminAnyDatabase added in the admin library? How?
4. How to close mongodb and kill the process directly after user authentication is turned on?
I am a small white, I hope you don’t think my question is shallow, but it is still very urgent for me. I also read some articles, but most of them teach how to install and use without any problems, and some are more general, I hope I can get help here, thank you

I’m here to push official documents, and your questions are detailed on the official website. In fact, most people’s blogs are translated after reading official documents. Although it is difficult to read English, the documents of this kind of tools are all good. If you read them patiently, you will reap a lot. Your problem isSecuritySome of them should be able to find the answer.