Tomcat is started by RUN execution, build image cannot be completed, Dockerfile writes for help.

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To complete this function, ENTRYPOINT is wget.

ENTRYPOINT [ "wget" ]
 CMD [ "-?"  ]

Send a war package address to tomcat’s webapps when running.
It was written in Dockerfile.RUN [ "/usr/share/tomcat7/bin/", "run" ]
The result appeared at the time of build.INFO: Server startup in 608 msBuild cannot be completed after the prompt of.
The ENTRYPOINT in the book is Tomact’s run, and another example is wget. put these two together, I don’t know what to do, ask for help, and how to write.

For ENTRYPOINT and CMD, the actual command to run isENTRYPOINT + ' ' + CMD

When docker run, the command passed will replace CMD in dockerfile, but ENTRYPOINT cannot be replaced.

The RUN command is run during the docker build, not docker run.