What is mongodb’s problem with document management?

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Recently, the company has a project whose main function is to manage documents. For example, it can view the contents of documents on the web page and modify them. It can also download documents and export them in word format. The most important function is to require a version record. This document is version 1.0. If there is any modification, it will become version 1.1, and the previous version will also be recorded. Please ask MongoDB Daniel to give us some general ideas about these questions. Thank you

This question is related to MongoDB. Is it reflected in the fact that you want to use MongoDB to store the contents of these documents? Or just want to use MongoDB to manage the versions of these documents?
It’s quite complicated to say that this question is going to start. Think about Google Docs or Office 365 (how much money did the boss give you to do such a complicated application? )。 It can be implemented simply, that is, it is good to save every version of word document, each marked with a version number.