What is the problem with jenkins packaging docker images that have been stuck?

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Problem description

Our jenkins platform has been unable to package successfully since last Friday afternoon. The main reason is that after jenkins compiled the project successfully, it was jammed when it was packaged into a docker image. No error was reported. Please ask Great God to help us to see what the problem is.

The environmental background of the problem and what methods have you tried?

Jenkins platform, docker image packaging, disk and network are OK. It seems that if it is older code, the code packaging before noon last Friday is OK, but the project code packaging submitted after Friday afternoon is not OK.

Related codes


I’ve been stuck here all the time, and I won’t report any mistakes.

What is your expected result? What is the actual error message?

Packed successfully and pushed to docker Mirror Warehouse

There is no abnormality in this information. It feels like a timeout. Two suggestions can be given:

  1. After the Dockerfile RUN command, set -xue &&
  2. Log in to jenkins server, switch to jenkins user, and try to manually execute docker build