What is the use of angular Rich Text?

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Background: deployd and angular are currently working on a news website, which requires that only articles (including articles and pictures) can be added within the company. Because people who do not know the code are required to add articles, it is considered to use rich text as a background management system, and then the front desk is responsible for displaying the articles.
Question: How do I add the content of rich text to the background and then display it in the foreground? I hope to be more specific. Or don’t you need to send it backstage? Direct data transfer between components? How is this professional situation handled? Is the background doing a background management program and the foreground doing a program for a total of two? Or are they all in one program?

Today’s rich text editors should all support HTML format to save data.

Therefore, after editing, the front-end editor sends the HTML format to the background. After the front-end takes the data, it can at most convert the data format and render it directly.