When MongoDB is installed as a Windows service, it always reports an error. The log file already exists in I CONTROL [main] log file “

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Error reporting:

  1. CONTROL [main] log file “d:mongodblogsmongo.log” exists; moved to “d:mongodblogsmongo.log.2017-11-12T12-53-31”.

I just want to know why I always report this mistake. I checked all the methods on the internet and tried them, but they didn’t work.

2017-11-12T20:53:31.506+0800 I CONTROL [main] Trying to install Windows service ‘MongoDB’
2017-11-12t20: 53: 31.507+0800icontrol [main] errorconnecting to the servicecontrolmanager: access denied. (5)

This is not a mistake, just tell you to move the original log to the new file, don’t worry about it.
As for the following logs, it seems that they occurred during the installation of Windows services. How did you do it?